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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Thoughts on Inception

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There have been A LOT of speculations on what really happened in the movie, Inception. By far, this is one of the best Leonardo di Caprio films, standing really close to Blood Diamond. I got to give credit to the guy for actually reading the scripts before signing the contract. He is now one of my most favorite actors, except I did not like him as Jack.

To those who have not watched the movie yet, DO NOT READ. This is full of spoilers, I swear.

So there are a couple of endings that could have really happened in the movie and I took time to actually dissect each of them.

1. The totem stops turning, tumbles down, and Cobb is in reality

Why I do not believe:
When Cobb left his children, they were playing outside and were really young. Cobb said the he has not seen his children for quite some time so returning to them, exactly at the age they were when he left, is somehow impossible.

Why I believe:
So, Cobb can project people in his dreams. However, if you would notice, those that Cobb can actually TALK TO are not his projections. They are the ones with him to la-la land as well. They are real people and they had some sort of rendezvous in dreamland. Therefore, it might be possible that Cobb actually is alive and well because Grandpa was there to meet him at the airport... unless, of course, Grandpa was also with him in his sleep.

2. Cobb remains in limbo

Why I do not believe:
Actually, being in limbo is the most plausible ending for the movie. In limbo, he can create anything. He can project that he actually saw his children, he can project that he has returned to the US, scot-free. He can project anything he wants to. However, wouldn't it be perfect if he projected that Mal was with them so it all ends well? If he did, though, it would give the whole point of leaving an ambiguous ending away. I'm leaning towards this conclusion more than anything, still.

Why I believe:
Because it is the easiest to believe. And it may be possible that Cobb is already tired of running after his dreams and his children so being with them, whether in reality or in his dreams, was his refuge. 

3. The whole movie, from start to finish, is merely a dream (Cobb in limbo)

Why I do not believe:
If it really was a dream all along, why would Cobb need to get someone to do the architecture for him when he can manipulate everything? Also, if they were in limbo all along, how come Mal was only able to penetrate his dreams on the 4th level? Shouldn't she be there every step of the way, from start to finish? She should always be with Cobb... except, of course, if Mal is still alive and well and can only reunite with Cobb when she drifts to sleep.

Why I believe:
See, if you are in a dream, you would do everything it takes to make it a pleasurable one. Not something that involves bloodshed, death, and loss. However, when Mal committed suicide to go back to the real world, it could be possible that they really are in a dream, with Mal wanting to face reality while Cobb running away from it. If Mal really was dead, how would it be possible to actually interact with her in such a way that Cobb is interacting with Arthur, or Saito, or anyone in his dream for that matter? The movie said that it is possible to hold on to memories, but it does not state that you can create new memories by manipulating a person by projecting her into your dreams and making her interact. Therefore, it is possible that Mal is very much alive and Cobb is still in dreamland, wherein Mal appears in Cobb's dream only when SHE sleeps in the real world.

There is this observation that perplexes me, though:

In the third level (the snow area), Cobb, Mal, Fischer, Ariadne went into another dream level, while Saito was left in the third level, bleeding. Fischer and Ariadne were able to get the kick so they were able to go back to a couple dream levels back and actually survived in the scenario where the van fell from the bridge. Left now are, Cobb, Mal and Saito. In the next scene, Cobb and Saito face each other again. Just the two of them. Where is Mal? She did not die from her last rendezvous with Cobb. She went unconscious (which made her go into another dream level) in the snow scene. But she did not die. Meaning, if Mal is still alive and Cobb is the one in limbo, then she has returned to the real world. Therefore, no Mal in the scene with Saito and Cobb... only the two of them who did not feel the kick (Saito because he died in the snow level and Cobb because he chose not to feel the kick and eventually drowned in the supposedly first dream level).

Dang, Inception, why do you have to be such a brain-fcuker????


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