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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7107 Islands: Vigan

If you have lived in the Philippines long enough and have been interested in local history, then you have probably heard about Vigan. A province in the northern part of the Philippines, Vigan mirrors civilization from years ago, when the Spaniards decided that it would be nifty cool to colonize the Filipinos.
Calle Crisologo, Vigan

Cobble stones, Spanish-designed houses, and horse-draw carriages are abundant in Vigan. But what will really draw you in... is the food.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur

1-hour flight to Laoag Airport, jeepney ride to Laoag City Center, 2 hour bus ride to Vigan

Grandpa's Inn - P1,680 ($25) for a room with A/C, double bed, hot and cold shower.
While everything they said would be there were there (TV, towels, hot and cold shower), I don't think that the price is right for the rooms. Upon check-in, we were ushered to a second floor unit which looked charming. It's not grand and the hinges need updating, but it was comfortable enough with its brick walls and thick curtains. However, the A/C was not working so we transferred to a first floor unit which, while everything worked perfectly, was a little too small than what we expected. The bathrooms are SMALL and there is little space to move around and for that price, we have seen better accommodations elsewhere.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION AROUND VIGAN: Horse-drawn carriage or Kalesa (P200/$5 per hour)

- Bell Church
- Hidden Garden
- Baluarte
Owned by Chavit Singson, this is a zoo-like complex where free range animals are everywhere. Camels, sheep, and a variety of birds. Tigers are also showcased, except they are in cages.
- Ancestral Houses (I can't remember the name of the ancestral house that we visited)
Pottery village of Vigan

Total Cost of Travel:
Airfare: P1250 Round Trip Laoag-Manila-Laoag
Bus to Vigan: P125
Overnight Accommodation: P840 (P1,680 for 2 pax)
Food: P1,000
Tour: P250 (2.5 hours Kalesa ride = P500 for 2 pax)
         P 200 (donations to various tourist attractions)
TOTAL= P2,665 ($55) for an overnight stay

NOW... for the food!


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