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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travel Memories from Years Ago

Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been places.

Not a lot, that's  for sure but I have turned the pages of my book and has been able to write down a city here and there. Now, I am not rich at all and I would not think twice about trading everything to go and see the world. But, I don't have all that much. Thanks to rich relatives, I was able to see some parts of the world without spending a dime.

These places that I have been to are from years ago... was it ten years? I am not even sure how they look like now or if they still have that charm I remember from back then.

**All photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons except for Gotland (from**


Stockholm's skyline
I called Stockholm my home for three months and I was lucky enough to visit during Spring, where the flowers are starting to bloom and snow drops ever so slightly.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, which sits in between Norway and Finland. My first step on Swedish land was not very exciting, as I almost froze wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans on a -1C weather.

I was amazed at how clean the country was. Everywhere I look, it was just green green green!

Stockholm is where I saw my first midnight sun shining brightly at 12 midnight. I walked along cobble streets, soaking in all the views of modern, yet historical buildings.


Facade of the historical architecture
While Gotland is still a part of Sweden, I had to take note of it separately basically because it is a separate island all together. Not a usual occurence in Europe, unlike here in the Philippines where there are more than 7,000 islands comprising one country.

If you love history, then Gotland is the place to be in Sweden. All around the island are viking villages, historical architectures, But that does not mean that the island will leave you with nothing to do. Come on, you are in the Baltic Sea are... so yes, there are other things you can do. Although the beach is not as pretty as that in Mexico and the waters are not as calm, there's no way you will not enjoy a good book with the cool breeze. I can't exactly remember how we got from Stockholm to Gotland, though.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and during one weekend when we had nothing to do, my parents decided to hop on a weekend cruise to Helsinki. I can't really remember how long we were on board (after all, I was a lot younger and casinos, bars, and duty free shops on board were very, very enticing). What I clearly remember, though, was how we only spent about five hours in Helsinki, just enough for lunch and, of course, a sinful chocolate shake from Fazer, a Finnish chocolate brand.
Move over Starbucks, Fazer is the shiz.

Helsinki skyline
Now, this is a date I cannot remember. It was April 15 when we landed in Copenhagen and it was my birthday. I don't know if it is because of Spring but there were flowers EVERYWHERE I looked. All colors, shapes, sizes, lining the sidewalks. Awesome.

From Copenhagen, we flew to Billund, a province of Denmark. What is in there? LEGOLAND. Cities recreated in Lego. Buildings, roads, vehicles, airplanes! The tallest bulding, if I remember correctly, was the height of my waist. And the size of Lego blocks? The normal ones. Imagine building, re-building, and maintaining them every single day! There was even a zoo, with animals built from Lego! However, the sites were just too childish for me and the rides (yes, it's more like Disneyworld) were not very exciting, either.

Gee, it has been a LOOOOONG time since I went out of the country. I really hope my relatives would get to read this, and treat me to an African safari!


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